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Effective June 1, 2022

GOLD Monthly Unlimited Memberships Are

$129 a Month


  • Refers ONLY to current GOLD members paying less than $129 a month

  • This increase does NOT apply if your membership is on freeze.(see below)*


We are confident that this action, along with other strategic initiatives put in place over the last two years will help us to continue to serve, grow and improve.


Here is a milestone summary: 

  • Negotiated a new long term lease

  • Secured sufficient working capital for continuing operations

  • Raised over $70,000 through GoFundMe. This will end June 30, 2022.

  • Stayed open through the entire COVID Pandemic, innovated by designing custom yoga bubble pods to help keep you safe

  • Continued to invest in new teachers, classes and staff


While we are saddened that so many studios closed, we wish to assure you we remain committed to staying the course and true to our mission:


To Help You Improve Your Life Through Yoga, Fitness, Community and Good Health 



Regina and Bob French

YHC Team





  • This increase does NOT apply if your membership is on freeze.

  • A member whose account is on a monthly freeze can return at their previous membership rate for as long as they were on freeze.(*see below)

  • *Effective July 1st, 2022, the length of time to return at your legacy rate will be capped.

  • To retain your previous membership price, you must continue to pay $19 a month. For example, if you have frozen your account for the past 12 months, that becomes the total amount of time you will remain at your old rate.

We are Back in the studio

Here is Val's Vibe Workout class in Studio 2 recently! Everyone in class was vaccinated.


Outdoor Classes

On-Demand Video

YHC is currently offering 72 original On-Demand Videos from our teaching staff.

Video times range from 15 - 60 minutes.

Click here to view our entire video library (requires MindBody account).


Laurel Street has been transformed

Laurel Street has responded to the COVID pandemic by moving dining outdoors.

Yoga Health Center adapted by moving outside too.

Yoga College of California - Teacher Training

Yoga College of California is planning to offer Vinyasa Teacher training in the future.  This class will be taught remotely, outside and in the studio when allowed.

If you're interested in Vinyasa Teacher training please email