Retail Sales Policy


                                                                                       ALL SALES ARE FINAL


No Show/Late Cancellation Policy

It has come to our attention that some YHC members are not showing up to classes for which they have registered.  For those of you who sign up for an in-studio or outdoor class and do not show up, or cancel less than 1 hours prior to the class start time will be charged a fee.  We have to take this action to ensure we have full (reduced capacity) for in-studio classes.

  • 1st time: warning/reminder.

  • 2nd and all subsequent time(s): $20.00 per class.

Outdoor Class Air Quality Policy

  • We will conduct outdoor classes up to 125 for yoga and 100 for core fit, air quality index (AQI).  However, use your own judgement when considering attending a class.  For EPA guidance click here.

Waitlist Etiquette & Policies 


We are fortunate to be able to offer waitlists for classes where the number of students exceeds the allotted space in a class. Waitlists apply to in-studio classes.  


Whether you are on a waitlist or are one of the fortunate students coming off the waitlist and into class, there is a responsibility to follow through when your status changes. 


Waitlists are a highly valued, extra service that we provide. Using them requires that you reply to your notifications once you get off the waitlist and into class. And, they require that you take yourself off of a waitlist if your plans have changed. You can do this, either by waking up early enough to check to see if you got into the class, or remove your name from the waitlist the night before if you no longer want to take the class. Allow your YHC friends to have your place in class. The next time it might be you who will be delighted by coming off a waitlist!


The same close attention that you give to pre-registering and canceling classes applies to waitlisting. If you can not follow up or track your waitlists, then please do not use them. To use the waitlist, you must have your text notification turned on in your MindBody account.


This is the text similar to the one you'll receive if you make it off the waitlist and into class. "You've been added to In Studio1 - 60 mins. HOT26+ Yoga. w/ Regina @ 7:00 AM on "date" @ Yoga Health Center. Text "Y" to attend, "N" to decline, or "STOP" to unsubscribe. Msg & data rates may apply."

Studio Policy

​PHOTO: We take a mandatory head shot photo for all new students to identify you in our software. This is for internal  use only. Photo is required prior to taking class.