Late Cancellation and No Show charge has decreased from $10 and $20 respectively to $5 when there's a late cancellation and $10 for a no show. First timers will receive an email with only the service charge waived.


Lockers rooms with showers are now open.


Virtual Streaming Classes are best experienced with the video turned on so that teachers can offer corrections.


Whenever you wear a Smartwatch to class, please mute your watch, or turn on do not disturb and stop notifications. Thank you for being considerate of others.

Purchasing memberships and classes using YHC branded app

The iPhone version of the branded app does not allow for 'in-app' purchases that include Video on Demand. As a result, we've removed Video on Demand from all memberships offerings. However, we will provide for free, 20 Video on Demand classes for all members and new members. If you want 20 free Video on Demand classes, they will be added automatically to new members. Existing members, please contact membership@yogahealthcenter with a request for free VOD classes.

Proof of Vaccination Required

To participate in classes, please submit a photo of your vaccination card by sending it to Prior to returning to classes, effective July 1 you must be fully vaccinated.


Please remember, there is a late cancellation fee and/or a no-show fee.

$0 for the first occurrence & $10.00 for the second and subsequent occurrences. An email receipt will be sent after fees are assessed.


MindBody Account Duplications

Please do not create a new account if you have ever taken a class. You already have one. Email if you need assistance. We are a very small staff so please do what you can first.


Waiver for Outdoor and In-Studio Classes

Complete the mandatory waiver one time and you're all set and ready to take all of our YHC outdoor and in-studio classes. Click here to complete the waiver now. Also, when you pre-register for outdoor and in-studio classes, the waiver link will be included in your confirmation email. Complete your waiver once and it's good for all subsequent classes!


MindBody Pre-Registration and Waitlist Notifications

With in-studio and outdoor classes and waitlisting, it's more important than ever to turn on your email and text subscriptions in MindBody and on the YHC mobile app. You'll receive notifications for when your waitlist status turns into space in the class or to see the class location. Go to your MindBody account under My info / Profile / Personal / Reminders and Schedule changes.


Using Props for In-Studio Classes

You are welcome to bring your own or to use our studio props for class. Whenever you use our blocks, we ask that you please spray them with the provided bottle and place them back on the shelf leaving space to air dry.

Please care for yourself and your community.

In response to the coronavirus, we’d like to let you know what we are doing as a facility and to remind you about some best practices to avoid spreading any infection.

We have increased cleaning frequency and added other sanitizing tasks to our regular upkeep duties; the wiping down (with Clorox or other disinfectants) all door handles, railings, all bathroom fixtures (e.g., sink fixtures and toilet flush push buttons in the restrooms), countertops and edges, and other places where people may regularly touch.

We ask those attending (Students, Staff, and Teachers) Yoga Health Center to do the following:

  • Most importantly, if you have a fever, cough, or flu symptoms please refrain from coming to class and please visit your physician.

  • Take advantage of the hand sanitizers distributed throughout the premises.

  • Wash hands frequently & thoroughly with warm water & soap (for at least 20 seconds).

  • According to the CDC when you cough or sneeze you should either: 1) completely cover your mouth and nose with a tissue (that is then thrown away and then use hand sanitizer afterward) or, 2) cough or sneeze into your sleeve in the crook of your arm, then change your shirt as soon as possible.

  • Avoiding touching your face (especially your eyes, nose, and mouth) with unwashed hands.

  • Consider purchasing and using your own props such as blocks and/or straps.


And, of course, we recommend following all other best practices for avoiding respiratory illness:

CDC coronavirus Prevention and Treatment.

Yoga Alliance coronavirus guidelines can be seen here.

Yoga and fitness practices play an important role in helping our community through these trying times. We will continue to bring excellent classes and services to our community in a safe environment.

COVID - In Studio Class Guidelines

Please use this link to complete our mandatory waiver form. A waiver must be completed before attending your FIRST OUTDOOR or ON-SITE CLASS and IS GOOD FOR SUBSEQUENT CLASSES. You will not be admitted to class without completing one.

Please arrive no later than 20 minutes before class tomorrow at either 6:40 am or 8:40 am. We'll join everyone in-line and maintain physical distancing at the parking lot's main entrance. A mask must be worn at all times when inside the building except during practice once you're in your assigned, individual, pod space inside Studio 1. The Hot26 60mins class will be taught by Regina.  There have been a few, well thought out changes, to the usual Hot26+ routine which will be introduced to all of you.  We'll also be using a new check-in process practicing safety and physical distancing.

LOCKER ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE.  Showers in the locker rooms will not be available until the San Mateo County Mask Mandate is lifted.


A few reminders about what to bring...

  • A Mask. We'll be wearing our masks as we enter the building and inside at all times.

  • Mat, towel(s) and water bottle