Yoga's Curious Relationship With Weight Loss

Practicing yoga regularly and on a long-term basis comes with many benefits. It can increase your happiness, give you peace of mind, improve your flexibility, and give you more energy. For others, practicing yoga in San Mateo County is more about reducing stress, , resolving self-esteem issues, and relieving pain. Whatever your yoga goals may be, there’s one effect that you might not be aware of - weight loss.

Can You Lose Weight with Yoga?

Yoga can be a very effective tool for getting to a healthy body weight. As you practice yoga, you burn calories and tone muscles. This makes it easy to meet your weight loss goals. When you’re practicing yoga in the city of San Carlos, CA located in the heart of San Mateo County, you can get to your ideal weight.

However, it is important to understand that there are limits. Here at Yoga Health Center, students have lost up to 65 pounds. Although yoga contributed to that weight loss, the students all used an integrated approach. Yoga was one of the key ingredients, but so was eating healthy. You can lose weight with yoga, but you also need to make lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss Tips

Here are a couple of tips for losing weight with yoga:

  • #HOTTIP - Rather than measuring your weight focus on size, feel, and performance, ask yourself what your ideal weight “looks like” or would “feel like.” Then, make that your target.

  • #HOTTIP - Fad diets don’t work because you can’t stick with them for the long-term. Our students tell us that because our yoga classes are fun and communal, they are more inclined to see long-term improvements.

Increasing Your Success by Practicing Yoga at our San Carlos, CA Studio.

When you join our yoga studio in the city of San Carlos, CA, you can start your weight loss journey. Our community at Yoga Health Center promotes your success. For one, we help you find the right yoga class for you. No one type of yoga is better than another. However, you’ll have more success with a type that you enjoy. We offer enough classes to help you find the right fit.

Here at Yoga Health Center, you will find yourself surrounded by people on a similar journey. Many of our students hope to lose weight. They are conscious of making healthy decisions for their bodies and minds. In yoga class, you can feed off of their energy and have a better chance of meeting your goals. At our studio, it’s easy to lose weight with yoga.



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