Which Type of Yoga is Right for You?

One of the great things about yoga is the versatility. There is something for everyone. If you want a slow-paced workout, then there’s a type of yoga or fitness class for that. However, there’s also a yoga class for those looking for a killer workout that burns through calories. YHC has heated and non-heated classes for beginners, intermediate to advanced students. Follow these tips to help you find the right type of yoga in San Carlos, CA.

1. Know Your Goals

Before you choose the type of yoga you practice, you should know your goals. If your main goal is to fight stress, then you should consider Yin Restorative Yoga. However, if gaining strength is your goal, then you should try hot Bikram Yoga or one of our Core conditioning classes. Determine your goals, then choose the class that helps you best meet those goals.

2. Understand Your Preferences

When it comes to exercise, everyone has specific preferences. You should consider your own preferences before you choose a yoga class. For example, you might prefer a fast-paced workout. If so, you should consider Hot Fusion Yoga. On the other hand, someone who wants a calmer environment might do well in a non-heated Vinyasa Yoga class. Your preferences can dictate the right type of yoga in San Carlos, CA.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Your local yoga studio knows a great deal about the different types of yoga. Instead of worrying about which type of yoga is right for you, speak to someone from a yoga studio in San Carlos, CA. They can explain about the different types of yoga. Additionally, they can help you determine your fitness goals. Then, they can match you up with the right yoga class. 

4. Working With an Expert

If you’re looking for the right type of yoga in San Carlos, CA, contact us at the Yoga Health Center. We can help you find a yoga class that meets all of your needs. Whatever your goals may be, Yoga Health Center can help.



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