Re-opening Survey Results.

Re-Opening Survey Results

Way to be, YHC community! We had outstanding participation in our recent “YHC Re-Opening Survey” with 702 responses and over 500 responses on the first day, creating a statistically significant representation of our community sentiment. We intently listened to your voices and we are taking immediate action on implementing the things that are important to you. Please read on to discover other fun facts (FF) from select questions of the survey as well as to find out what we are doing to continue to safely serve you…

3) What is your age group? (FF)

  • 89% of our membership is between the ages of 25 and 69 with 49% being over 35.

5) Where do you typically work? (FF)

  • 28% usually from home, 23% from home and office, 28% from home only during the pandemic, and 21% usually from the office.

7) If you have taken online classes, once shelter in place restrictions have been lifted, how will you continue to take classes? (FF)

  • 8% of the members indicated that once SIP is lifted, that they will continue to attend classes online only. 38% indicated studio only, 29% studio and online with the remainder being unsure.

8) What specific accommodations would we need to put in place for you to feel comfortable coming back to group classes?

  • The most significant responses were - smaller class size, the quality of the environment, and sanitization.

  • Here is what we’re going to do: All class sizes will be significantly reduced. Hot Yoga classes will start out with a maximum limit of 12 students/class which provides everyone with more than 6ft of physical distancing. The breathing Asanas in the Hot 26+ class have all been replaced with well thought out practical and challenging substitutions. We use a state-of-the-art environmental control system that supplies continuous cleaned fresh air into our studio. Click here to learn more. Touchless hand sanitizers have been installed throughout the studio. More frequent sanitization and cleanings are scheduled throughout the day. Intentional focus on all high-traffic and high-touch surfaces, studio floors, and bathrooms.

9) For an additional affordable fee, would you be interested in any of the additional choices below?

  • Outdoor classes are highly desirable at this time by 75-80% of the membership. 84% were willing to pay an additional fee.

  • Here is what we’re going to do: We’re currently investigating and working on this one. It’s our intention to make outdoor fitness a summertime favorite. As soon as we know more, you will too!

10) Indicate your preference for which class times are you most likely to attend in the studio.

  • About 40% indicated early morning and morning as being preferable with late afternoon and evening times about the same for in-studio classes with a surprising 27% wanting classes during the late evening. The results of the online classes were very similar.

  • Here is what we’re going to do: We’re listening and will schedule the class times accordingly. Following the CDC and County guidelines require all of us to practice new processes and procedures. We’re becoming better informed as we test these methods. We’re counting on this increased comfort level and experience to guide us as we consider your input in gradually building the new class schedule.

15-16) If you are in favor of shorter Yoga classes in addition to our regular classes, what length would you prefer?

  • There was quite a bit of interest in having shorter class times with 30 and 45 minutes leading the interest.

  • Here is what we’re going to do: Starting with our VODs (Video on Demand), we’ll be adding new recordings of yoga and fitness with varying shorter lengths. Once our on-site classes get started, there just might be a shorter version of a class or two or even a new one.

17/24) What other information should we know as we discuss how to move forward with reopening the studio? Do you have any final comments or suggestions for Yoga Health Center?

  • The common themes that emerged from the responses were: have less crowded classes, keep the VOD and streaming classes, make sure the air is sanitized, have strict studio policies (small classes, pre-sign ups, no sick people allowed in, limit/restrict use of locker rooms and bathrooms, enforce cleanliness rules)

  • Open ASAP since we miss the vibe and the community, thank you for all you’ve been doing at YHC for us (lots of grateful responses!!!)

  • Here is what we’re going to do: Include info/links to a docs about: 1) our enhanced cleaning procedures, 2) our new Code of Conduct, 3) state-of-the-art environmental control system, 4) the reopening handout, etc.


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