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Regina Is Business with a Big Heart; Bob Is Business with a Big Mind.

Yoga Health Center is abuzz! Although the caffeinated power of Peet’s Coffee downstairs from YHC can give you a buzz for an hour, doing a class at Regina and Bob’s studio can give you a buzz for a whole day, maybe even for a few days when your muscles remind you about that fitness class where you were feeling the burn, or your heart is happy from having had fun practicing with your yoga crew. Yes. It’s all there at YHC. There’s the exciting buzz of fitness (fitbody), the peaceful buzz of harmony (calm mind), and the fulfilling buzz of connecting with the community (inspired life).

How did all this buzzing happen…the YHC phenom? Two words: Regina and Bob. What a team. To call them a dynamic duo or dream team would be an understatement. The teamwork of Batman and Robin doesn’t fly like these two do. But what do we know about their amazing backstory? Not much. Regina and Bob are humble warriors on a mission to bring fitness, harmony, and community to all who practice at YHC.

Regina, what can we say about Regina…well, Bob has plenty to say about her: “There would be no business without her. She started it on a wing and a prayer. She’s the prime influence of the YHC culture, she sets the tone, she’s the heart and soul of YHC…she really cares, and as Regina taught me, you can’t really teach people to care.” Now there’s a man who gets Regina! Oh, by the way, for those of you who don’t know, Bob is Regina’s husband. Married on September 28,1994. Growing stronger every day.

Bob continues his outpouring of respect and admiration for Regina, “Regina makes work fun. She taught me that kindness could be a management practice. That never occurred to me." Those are powerful words for Bob to say. Why? Because Bob is a businessman and entrepreneur par excellence. He has worked for decades in the domain of business in various capacities including sales, marketing, consulting, corporate executive, owner of a board of director’s franchise, founder of his own management consulting company, and on and on go his creds. Bob is beyond impressive; he’s a phenomenon, but he wouldn’t describe himself that way. Why? He’s Canadian. Bob also launched the men’s world professional squash tour, headquartered in Toronto with his buddy, fellow squash player, and business colleague Clive Caldwell, who was ranked #1 in the world at the time. Bob himself excelled at squash, tennis, and table tennis and has won several national and world championships in all three sports.

Speaking of athleticism and fitness, we have a role model and shining star in Regina, who can pop into a handstand anytime. Good-natured fun is what Regina’s classes are all about. Regina can even turn standing in line at Trader Joe’s into a fun workout. Just follow the laughter and you’ll find Regina. For example, when Regina was 19 she was living in NYC and working as a nanny to two girls, one was seven and the other eight. She taught the girls how to swim and do gymnastics. Where? In a gym? That would be too obvious. Regina must be the originator of parkour; she taught the girls gymnastics in Central Park on whatever “equipment” was around, whether it was a park bench, stairs, or a tree! You can do pull-ups on a tree. Regina herself states, “You can trick your body to do things you THINK you can’t do.”

Another example of the power of Regina’s naturally upbeat attitude is her ability to transcend the limitations of mind and body with a can do/will do insistence. When Regina was running a 10K a few years ago (she has run six marathons), she needed to run a six-minute mile at the end of the race to achieve her time goal. She had never run faster than a seven-minute mile before that race. At the very end of the race, she made up her mind that this would be the first time she would run a six-minute mile because that was her goal and she was sticking to it. Guess what? She did it! That feat with her feet was practically impossible, but she focused her mind on a can do/will do attitude and directed the joy in her happy heart to run her *first ever* six-minute mile at the END of the race.

Clearly, Regina is a trooper and Regina is business savvy as well. When she speaks about how Bob has contributed to the wild success of Yoga Health Center, she says admiringly, “Bob has always been able to see the big picture and I am in the moment. Bob has a drive, ability, and passion for success as a visionary. He makes things happen. Bob doesn’t take no for an answer.”

Besides their love of fitness, health, and each other, Regina and Bob also share a hot yoga love story. They both began their hot yoga practice 25 years ago in a storage room in a Burlingame health food store. Yes, a heated storage room that was converted into a yoga “studio” by their teacher Leon. They were hooked immediately and have both stuck with hot yoga ever since. Regina was in Bikram’s second class for yoga teacher training in 1995, way before the Bikram hot yoga empire was created. There were only 30 yoga teacher trainees in that class, now there are hundreds in each Bikram yoga teacher training.

Regina is a yoga and fitness fusion visionary and pioneer. Proof? Yoga Health Center! YHC is Regina and Bob’s “other” love-child, even older than Regina and Bob’s eldest daughter April. And like April and Emily, their other amazing daughter, they all keep growing in wonderful and challenging ways. As Regina often remarks encouragingly in her yoga classes when a student is showing signs of giving up, “We love a challenge!” This woman just doesn't know how to give up.

Many more mind-blowing stories of Regina and Bob’s accolades of athleticism and accomplishments both personal and professional abound, but alas, there are word number limits to this article. I will close this article with some other wise and inspirational words from my interview with the dream team, the more-than-dynamic duo. YHC is not only a place to go to get a great workout, it’s also a place to heal and grow personally. Bob notes that YHC is “not a Zen studio or a Buddhist retreat; it’s an inclusive and high energy place that’s not elitist. We welcome all students at all levels. Student experience drives everything; we have a continuous commitment to improve.” Bob’s attitude about the power of consistency and commitment to improvement also applies to his yoga practice. Bob reflected that “without a consistent yoga practice, my (physical) problems return.”

Regina echoes Bob’s sentiment about the power of a consistent yoga practice to heal physically, and she expands it to the emotional domain, “At YHC we’ve seen people go through chemo, death, the loss of family members…there was even a group of women who met at YHC who formed a gal group and went together to Italy. We watch people thrive due to the support of the YHC community.” Regina sagely says, “It’s the blend that makes everything wonderful.” Yes, the blend. Like Regina’s delicious blend of tea and spices she uses to make her world-famous Chai Saturdays a happy and warm weekend event, for 20+ years and going strong! Yes, Yoga Health Center’s profoundly positive blend of fitness, harmony, and community (and chai) make YHC *THE* place to be…your best self. "Clearly.”

“Everyone loves a challenge” (Regina) | “DWUSUWD” (Bob) Do What You Say You Will Do



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Over 5000 five (5) star reviews since we moved to our new studio Sept. 2015, Family owned and operated in San Carlos since 1996.

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