Meditation of the Month: Begin Anew in Way 1 and/or 2

Is 2020 going to be the best year ever for you? Here are two ways that swell superlative can come to pass: 1) make it happen, and 2) let it happen. Let’s look at these two ways to work and play.

The first approach has to do with focus, forcefulness, and ferocity. You are the powerhouse, alive and vibrating with energy. You have the disciplines of a healthy life going strong: you eat healthy, you sleep well, you think positively, you are generous with your heart, you come to Yoga Health Center to balance your body/mind/spirit. You have a clear plan and you live out your commitments with aplomb. Good for you! You are the bomb of aplomb. That approach requires a certain go-get-’em proactive pushing of the plow of purposeful action. Action. Action. Do, do, do. Go, go, go. Very quintessential SF Bay area vibe.

Then there’s the other more mellow approach. This approach is soft, sweet and surrendering. Relax. Let go. Create the conditions for the good juju to party hearty with your deserving self. Forgive others with ease. Find joy and beauty in the mundane. For example, think of the way you feel after a long bath or an exquisite massage: you are ready for...nothing. You are DONE. You are feeling fine as wine and you’re right on time. For bliss. With this approach, your activity moves with a feel of ease. You’re just going with the flow rather than making the flow go. You’re riding the flow, not creating it forcefully. Relaxed effort. Don’t just do something, do nothing! Or take a nap. Very quintessential Barcelona vibe.

As Dr. Psych and Mr. World Explorer, I can say that certain personalities and cultures are inclined in one of those two directions in general: Type A: make it happen, and Type B: let it happen. Of course, there are those exceptional individuals and countries that balance both. Having lived in Barcelona for a few months and the Bay Area for many years, I can say that I have some experience in Type A ways and Type B ways and they each have their appeal. The question for you in 2020 is this: To which way are you more inclined? Another question: Which one (or a balance of both) would be good for you? Whichever way you go, I wish you well. May 2020 be swell.



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