Meditation from the Mat:Giving

During this time of year all sorts of things are written and said about the glory of giving. One often used quote is that it’s better to give than to receive. Is it really? Isn’t the act of gracefully receiving giving the giver a gift? Who is the giver and who is the receiver really? It can be confusing when we draw the arrow in one direction. Why play favorites? Both giving and receiving are reciprocal and reversible and wonderful. Like some of the clothes that we wear during the holidays that can be shared, or like the love that we give that we “pay forward” when we smile at Grinch when we see him and his buddy Ebenezer Scrooge throwing their shade our way (unconsciously). Or maybe even spitefully since you took their parking space (consciously). Don’t pretend you didn’t see them because you were in a hurry to get to your yoga class on time. Mm-hmm. Over the years I’ve also heard a lot of talk about “it’s a stressful time of year with all the family stuff that comes up…” Is it REALLY stressful to have the opportunity to forgive or let go of an old grudge? It may be challenging, yes, but don’t challenges cause us to grow? Honey, a regressed adult having a tantrum is not a good look. Wear your clothes of compassion instead. They are located in the back of your closet in a box labeled “do not open until Christmas.” I’m saying that by having a different mindset, we can decide to simply enjoy each other after we have accepted that so-and-so is just a fu***ng so-and-so. Are you going to change an old crusty character trait? Unlikely. So change your attitude. Get soft and light like the cashmere sweater you’re wearing. You know that carrying around heavy old baggage is burdensome to the heart. Why not give away those weighty grievances and resentments to the fire of transformation? Create a ritual in which you write down what you want to release and GIVE it to the fire. Watch it burn. You can say, “Bye bye heavy heart and hello to happy.” Or you can simply experience the peace that results from letting go of past pain and hurt. Would you rather be right or light? Here’s my sage stuffing secret for a happy and peaceful holiday—meditate on this mantra from Santa Claus: “Ho, ho, ho!!!”



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