Four Things Every Yoga Novice Should Know.

1. Breathing is everything.

“When it comes to yoga, breathing is everything. Your pose could be perfect, however, without proper breathing, it means nothing. Focus on your breathing more than anything else, not just in your first class, but in all classes, you take. If you become out of sync with the class, don’t worry!  Just find your pace and put all your energy back into focusing on your breath.  Practice at home before your first class, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.”

When it comes to yoga, breathing is everything. Your pose could be perfect. However, without proper breathing, it means nothing. Focus more on your breathing than anything else. If you lose your breath, place all your energy on breathing properly. To prepare yourself for proper breathing during your yoga class in San Carlos, CA, practice at home. Take in deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

2. You Don’t Need to be Flexible.

Often, individuals hesitate to try yoga because they lack flexibility. What they don’t know is that flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga. Yoga improves your flexibility. If you don’t have any, then a yoga class in can help you. After attending classes regularly, you’ll notice an increase in your flexibility. Can’t touch your toes? Yoga can help!

3. Don’t Get Caught Up On Theory.

“Every yoga novice should keep in mind that yoga is more about practice than theory.  You can spend all day watching videos on YouTube of yoga poses, but the best way to learn is to sign up for a class.  Once you’ve gone to a few classes, you'll develop a basic knowledge and you can begin practicing on your own.  The more your practice, the better you’ll become.”

One of the most important things every yoga novice should know is that yoga is more about practice than theory. You can watch YouTube videos of yoga poses all day long. No matter how much you try to learn before a class, you won’t learn enough. Instead of reading up on yoga, learn in class. Then, practice on your own. The more you practice, the better you will become.

4. Comfort is Key.

When you head to your first yoga class, be comfortable. Don’t get caught up with looking your best or wearing the most fashionable attire. Instead, dress comfortably. Wear spandex shorts or yoga pants. Pair your bottoms with a top that won’t get in the way as you do your poses. If you’re comfortable, you’ll perform better!

If you’re new to yoga, then contact us at the Yoga Health Center. Our knowledgeable staff can tell you what other things every yoga novice should know. Try out one of our classes and get hooked on yoga.



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