Candice-Lee Got It Goin' On!

March 2019

That’s right ya’ll, Candice-Lee is all about the YHC trinity: mind, body, and spirit. She is the ultimate female fitness force. How did this happen? One factor was participating in the YHC 30 Day Challenge (30 DC). Candice-Lee thrives when she gives herself a goal to achieve. She says, “… it’s always hard getting to the mat, but it feels good when you get there… and afterward, it feels AMAZING!” The 30-DC helped her to “push herself to do more than two classes per week.”

Once Candice-Lee got her momentum going during the 30 DC, she noticed shifts within herself mentally, physically, and spiritually. The difficulty of getting to the mat was replaced with a new attitude; as Candice-Lee beams, “I got it” was her new inner motivating voice. She noticed something driving her to do more. Her positive thinking had a beneficial emotional effect. Candice-Lee said, “… although I was tired at night, I was happier in the morning.”

Physically, Candice-Lee noticed her body was becoming more toned and she was delighted that she could go deeper into postures: “I’m getting the depth now.” Speaking of depth, she offers, “On Sunday I go to ‘church yoga’ where I have discovered the stillness in movement and the movement in stillness.” Now that’s deep! Candice-Lee has also noticed that her powers of discernment have increased, and she makes healthier choices. She describes her process of mind-body-spirit transformation this way: “Yoga was a work out at first. Then it became spiritual food. After seven years of practice, I now experience my mind, body, and spirit as one.”

Candice-Lee is grateful to YHC for her growth and finishes her interview by saying, “What’s great about YHC is the variety of classes. I can always find a class that fits into my schedule.” I would add that what’s great about YHC are success stories like those of Candice-Lee. This woman has got it goin’ on!



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