Yoga Health Center has developed a customized mobile app for our members.  The app allows you to book classes and to receive notifications of class changes and other activities as the happen.  We strongly encourage all members to download and install the app with notifications turned on we can't send you notices.  You can download the app by clicking on the appropriate icon below.

Mobile App frequently asked questions

When I try to book a class the (which app?) app asks me to make a purchase.

Logout/Login in the YHC branded mobile app.

When I try to sign up for classes in the future, the app says that the sign-up is closed.

Sign ups for in-studio and outdoor classes can be made on week in advance. If todays Saturday and the class is next Sunday, pre regisration will open on Sunday.

Standard Troubleshooting

  • Be certain that you can login to MindBody from the website.
  • Reboot your mobile device.
  • Log out & Log In to your account.
  • Clear your cache:
  • - Android
  • - iPhone
  • When requesting support remember to: Describe which app you are using to book a class. YHC Branded app,, Mindbody site, YHC site.
  • Only use one name to register for classes.