In Studio Class - Code of Conduct

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Our commitment is to maintain a clean, sanitary, orderly, and stress-free studio to keep everyone safe and feeling good about being back.


Yoga Health Center Safety Measures and Protocols


In A Nutshell: 

  • We will begin with a limited schedule and smaller class sizes.

  • Pre-registration for in-studio classes is required before ALL classes.  

  • Pre-register using one of these three options:

    • 1) the YHC website (,

    • 2) the MindBody website (, or

    • 3) the Mindbody mobile app.

  • Wearing masks is always mandatory when you are in the building except while you are on your mat inside the studio.   

  • Make sure to bring the following items with you to each class:

    • 1) your yoga mat,

    • 2) at least two towels

    • 3) lots of water,

    • 4) sturdy slip-on shoes or sandals

  • Please carefully read the details below.

  • Thank you for your support and cooperation with these rules and regulations. We want EVERYONE to feel safe and happy. Let's flow, restore, and energize!


State of the Art Environmental Control Systems in Studios 1 and 3

We stream continuously cleaned and sanitized fresh air into our studios. 99.98% of all harmful bacteria and pathogens are removed by our world-class climate control system.  Please refer to our current newsletter or -click here- to read about the specifics of our world-class climate control system. It’s truly amazing!

More Details:

  • Super important: No registration will be done on-site under any circumstances until further notice.  

  • Pre-registration is required.  To pre-register, you must use your MBO username (email address) and password. Registration for the in-Studio classes can be made up until 45 mins before class starts.

  • No show or late cancellation fee will be $20.

  • No late admittance or leaving early from class unless there’s an emergency.

  • When you arrive, at least 20 minutes before class begins, please line up outdoors at the main entrance in the parking lot area.  Form a line and you will be greeted and checked into class by a staff member/teacher.

  • Please take advantage of touchless sanitizing sprays located at the entrance and outside studio doors. Keep your hands clean before and after class.

  • Showers will not be available until the San Mateo County mask mandate is lifted


Before you leave home to come to practice, please double-check that you have a mask. Masks are required upon entering the building, while inside the studio, before class, and immediately after class. They can be removed once you’re on your mat and ready to take class.


Upgraded and Enhanced YHC Safety Aspects:

  • Increased personal studio space for each student

  • Opening of doors in the building to increase air flow before and after class

  • Ongoing studio and bathroom cleaning and sanitization happening throughout the day

Reminder to all students, staff and teachers. Please follow health guidelines and do not come if any type of sickness is present