Our system consistently combines the optimum ingredients of heat, clean fresh air, warm humidity, CO2 monitoring and pathogen control. All of the air coming into our studio passes through ultraviolet lights killing 99.98% of all harmful bacteria.  The result is fresh air that doesn’t smell and is not full of harmful bacteria. In contrast, just think about how harmful it is to practice in a studio that does not bring in fresh air. Throughout classes at other hot yoga studios, yogis are breathing in all the oxygen and filling the room with carbon dioxide and germs!


Our germicidal ultraviolet light rays eliminate and destroy: Bacteria, Odor, Mold & Mildew, Viruses, V.O.C.’s, Cleaning Chemicals, Smog and other Airborne Pollution. The benefits of a clean air environment are enormous, clean air will; help prevent colds and influenza; prevent headaches after class; provide relief from asthma, hay fever and sinus problems; reduce fatigue, and breathing problems; and relieve sore throats, runny noses, wheezing and sneezing. Our system  removes contaminants and allergens from the room air before they get introduced into the yoga room(s).


In addition to constantly purifying the air from harmful bacteria, YHC installed a humidity system designed to remove excess humidity when too high or to add moisture when too dry. Experts agree that the optimal humidity when considering lung function for protection against colds, flu and other respiratory problems is around 60 to 70%. YHC has installed steam humidifiers in each of its studios to achieve proper humidity levels. How do other studios get their studios humid?  By using the sweat of everyone in the room.


Our students are energized and can focus on their yoga practice without worrying about the room environment.



Our Heated Yoga Rooms Are Always Being Pumped with Fresh Oxygenated Air.  NO ODORS!


677 Laurel St, Ste 200

San Carlos, CA 94070

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(650) 631-YOGA (9642)

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Over 5000 five (5) star reviews since we opened our new studio Sept., 2015, Family owned and operated in San Carlos since 1996.

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