What's up at Yoga Health Center?

New!  Hot 26 + Class - Beginning 10/25 at 6:00 am!

Join us for the first Annual Halloween Dance, Sunday 10/31 at 4:00pm.

Just in time for the holidays - Purchase gift cards of any denomination

Save the date!  YHC Open House December 4.  Details and updates to follow.

Workshops: Next up is a new two hour Manju workshop held on November 14 from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm offering a few selected postures, teacher demo'd postures, and individual student corrections.  This workshop is available for up to 20 attendees, and will cost $35.

'It's better together'. Being together provides us with much needed vitality and goodness, which we all get and give.  Come back and try our In Studio classes to experience "It's Better Together'.

Have you tried our mask inserts. If not, ask the person checking you

into class for more information.  Available at the front desk for $2.95

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Back in the studio

We're slowly coming back.  Here is Val's first class in Studio 2 recently! Everyone in class was vaccinated.

Outdoor Classes

Sunday 10:15 am - Core Fit with Val

Monday 11:00 Core Fit at the Park

Tuesday 11:00 am - Core Fit at the Park

Thursday 11:00 am - Core Fit at the Park

Click here to view the schedule of outdoor classes.


On-Demand Video

YHC is currently offering 72 original On-Demand Videos from our teaching staff.

Video times range from 15 - 60 minutes.

Click here to view our entire video library (requires MindBody account).


Laurel Street has been transformed

Laurel Street has responded to the COVID pandemic by moving dining outdoors.

Yoga Health Center adapted by moving outside too.

Click here to view our schedule of Outdoor Classes.

Yoga College of California - Teacher Training

Yoga College of California is planning to offer Vinyasa Teacher training in the future.  This class will be taught remotely, outside and in the studio when allowed.

If you're interested in Vinyasa Teacher training please email membership@yogahealthcenter.com.